It has been a long time I did something with the mc68332 processor.

One of the reasons was lack of time and also the absence of a parallel port in combination with 64 bit Windows OS.

In the ‘old XP days’ one used giveio.sys to get direct access to the I/O instructions so the parallel port could be used to control an ICD BDM adaptor using the parallel port.

With the advent of 64 bits OS and the missing of a parallel port I had to place the project a bit on ice, also there were some other projects which got in the way.

But there is new hope:

There is a giveio for 64 bits!

Now I have to recreate the gnu tools set again for the mc68332 on Cygwin and 64 bits.
This page is a good start: althought this is for PowerPC and for MIPS.

Also since my DELL Latitude E6420 doesn’t have a parallel port I got myself a docking station with a parallel port. The one I got also came with a lot more USB ports, and even old style PS/2 plugs, a serial port, two DVI ports and 1 VGA port.

Binutils, gcc, newlib and gdb can be downloaded from the various usual locations. The current BDM tools set can be found here:

The BDM tools at this stage process a challenge: they compile but at many places unsigned long int is used which becomes a 64 bit on a 64 bit OS.
This I need to fix before I’ll start with gdb and running my old programs again on the mc68332 board I once designed. Initial testing shows promise.

I’ll follow up, including code changes for the BDM lib to make this running on Cygwin 64 bits.

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One Response to Revive my mc68832 project

  1. Carlo Pisani says:

    mc68832 project:
    You can use a DOS program that operated on the LPT for the BDM.

    In theory, with the full knowledge of the BDM-protocol (322’s one is different from ColdFire V1’s one) I could arrange a FPGA/CPLD interfacing the BDM to a serial line

    Sort of “GDB stub on chip”. But it takes time.

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